Are mobility scooters street legal?

Many people are unaware as to whether mobility scooters are legally allowed to be driven on roads, although it is very confusing as on certain scooters are allowed. So we are going to give you a basic breakdown on how it all works. 

There are two different classes of mobility scooters class 2 and class 3.  Class 2 scooters which are our small scooters and the Roma Medical Tulsa from our medium scooters range, these can not be used on the roads (apart from areas where there isn’t a pavement) this is because they have a maximum speed of 4mph.

Class 3 which is the Sunrise Medical Sterling S425 from our medium range and our large scooters this also includes the MK2 Cabin Cars are legally allowed to drive on roads, this is because they all have a maximum speed of up to 8mph.To drive a class 3 scooter you must be over the age of 14.

 Although there are rules and restrictions that are put in place for mobility scooter users who decide to drive on the roads for their own safety but also other road users. If people wish to use these on the roads then they must register their scooters with the DVLA. Although you do not have to pay road tax for mobility scooters it is important that you register your class 3 with the DVLA.

Some of the rules and regulations for class 3 mobility scooters are that it must have a maximum weight of 150kg (without any people on it), breaks that are working correctly, hazard lights, indicators, front and rear lights in full working condition but there are also many more which we recommend you read up about and check your scooter. 

If you think your scooter is damaged or has something that is not working correctly then please read our news post called ‘What do I do if my mobility scooter needs servicing or repairing?’ where you will find your answer.

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