Why we recommend a suspension

At Shropshire Mobility Solutions we like to help our customers have maximum comfort when using their mobility scooters. This is why we recommend all of our customers to have a suspension included or added on to their scooters.

We suggest this as it can make your scooter last longer, this is saving more money in the long run as you won’t be having to pay for repairs or purchase a brand new scooter. Suspensions are made to absorb shock meaning when you are driving your scooter along the roads or paths that may be bumpy or rough meaning that the suspension will absorb the majority of shock making it easier for you. This all creates less damage to other parts of the scooter, although the suspension will eventually begin to wear out it will save many more parts having any effect. 

Suspensions also create more comfort for you by tackling the small potholes on your journey, this is extremely beneficial for riders who suffer with aches and pains as these jolts that you may receive when going over a bump or a rough patch can have a impact.But if you have a suspension you are less likely to experience this. 

Improvement of control of the scooter is also a benefit and reason why we recommend to customers to have a suspension or purchasing a scooter with one already fitted, this is because the suspension absorbs impact taking saving the shock affecting the wheels and causing them to go in a different direction – which would be scary and in some cases dangerous.

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