Driving Tips For Your Mobility Scooter

Many people who purchase a mobility scooter do not know the full highway code for mobility scooters, the best thing we advise is to read the highway code for mobility scooters, this helps them to be driven safely and correctly, but also saves any risk of confrontation with other road users or members of the public. 

Another essential tip is to familiarise yourself with the mobility scooter, steering, starting and most importantly stopping. This will help massively when you go out and about on your scooter in case of an emergency. 

Most people find this piece of advice extremely vital to avoid incidents, this is to only to do short trips to begin with. Gradually build up how far you go as your confidence begins to build, this will also help you to learn the scooter. 

When you are out and about on your scooter always consider pedestrians and remember to keep to 4mph and below, going over this on a pavement can lead to you being involved in confrontation with other pedestrians or in an incident, but it is also a law that mobility scooter users must follow. Also always be mindful as to where you park your scooter ensuring it is safe and not in the way of other people or any doorways etc…

Using lowered curbs is essential for both you and your mobility scooter, descending off a regular curb is something that most scooters are not designed for this and it can cause damage to the mobility scooter. It can also cause the scooter to become unstable due to the drop, this is just like when turning a corner you have to go slow as going too fast can cause the scooter to again become unstable. 

We hope these tips help you and happy scootering!

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