Can I get a mobility scooter on the NHS?

The NHS offers a range of mobility aids including wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and many more, although the NHS do not usually give out mobility aids for free (especially mobility scooters due to expense) they do offer a range of options that you can choose from in hope to get support to get the mobility aid you require. 

Some of the options that they advise is getting in contact with the motability scheme, these offer eligible benefit recipients help to be able to get the mobility aid they believe that they need or are entitled to. Another option you get given is the choice of VAT relief, only some people are entitled to this but it is the option of being able to save having to pay 20% VAT. The option most people tend to use is charities, a common charity is DTD (Dusk till dawn) they can offer support and also advice on which mobility aid is going to be most beneficial to you. 

However if you want to try and receive one off the NHS first then we recommend you go to your GP or speak to your consultant or physiotherapist, you may be sent for an assessment and asked questions such as which mobility aid do you require and why? Or you may be questioned on what you need a form of mobility support for, think about these questions before you go and do some research on various mobility aids as you may be recommended to use something different than you expected.

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