Tilt-in Space Wheelchairs

We are a main dealer for Invacare who supply our Tilt-in Space Wheelchairs.

The wheelchairs within this range Rea Azalea, Rea Dahlia & Rea Clematis provide exceptional postural support and comfort. The tilt in space wheelchairs are purpose built to suit the needs of each individual person.

If any of the wheelchairs mentioned are what you have been looking for then all you need to do is contact us.

What happens next?

We arrange for the Invacare Rep to come with us to provide a full demonstration on the tilt in space wheelchair and his knowledge & experience with this product range is exceptional.

The chairs available Rea Dahlia, Rea Azalea & Rea Clematis are all manual wheelchairs.

The Rea Azalea is designed to manage all aspects of postural support and comfort. Versatile seating options with a wide choice of options and adjustments. Also has the possibility of both transit & self-propel rear wheels. The Rea Azalea is the market leader when it comes to tilt in space wheelchairs built to the specific requirements of every individual. The Invacare Rea Azalea is designed to allow a range of positioning requirements. Adjustments are abundant on the Rea Azalea, with every aspect of the wheelchair are adaptable providing the perfect level and support.

The Rea Dahlia is a modern tilt in space wheelchair, with is sleek and stylish appearance it incorporates a narrow wheelbase abd increased tilt options. The Rea Dahlia features two seat tilt angles of either 30° or 45°, which improves posture and helps reduce pressure. It has been designed to manage all aspects of postural support, whilst the versatile seating offers a wide choice of options and can be adjusted to ensure the exact requirements are met for each individual. If the need for increased seat tilt and manoeuvrability are key the Rea Dahlia is the chair of choice. The Rea Dahlia is designed to accommodate a range of positionings and provides a perfect level of support and postural management.

The Rea Clematis Pro offers 25° of seat tilt, provides a range of pressure relieving, positioning and comfort benefits. The Rea Clematis Pro also provides 30° of backrest recline, which opens the hip angle for improved comfort. The compact frame of the Rea Clematis offers perfect manoeuvrability, especially indoors where space is tight. Again like all chairs with tilt in space features the Rea Clematis can be adapted to suit each individual person with the availability of extra accessories to provide exceptional comfort for those spending large amounts of time in their wheelchair